Impact Testing – IWA14 & PAS68

What is HVM?
What is IWA 14?
What is PAS 68?
Classification Code
Vehicle Energy
Testing of Vehicle Security Barriers (VSBs)
Terra Maintenance
HVM Architecture

IWA 14-1:2013 is the International Workshop Agreement for Vehicle security barriers.
Part 1: Performance requirements and vehicle impact test method

It specifies the essential impact performance requirement for a vehicle security barrier (VSB) and a test method for rating its performance when subjected to a single impact by a test vehicle not driven by a human being.

BSi PAS 68 is the latest Publicly Available Specification for vehicle security barriers. It has become the UK’s standard and the security industry’s benchmark for HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) equipment, and is the specification against which perimeter security equipment is tested as part of the ongoing research to prevent VBIED (Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device) attacks. BSi PAS 69 complements this specification by providing guidance on the product installation.

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