DCS Awards Finalist – LPS1175 Platinum Turnstile

DCS Awards Finalist for Frontier Pitts LPS1175 Platinum Turnstile with three winged rotor

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The DCS Awards looks to recognise and congratulate data centre industry innovation – whether it be projects, products, services or corporate or individual excellence. The Awards’ categories cover both the facilities and IT aspects of the data centre, reflecting the gradual convergence of the two disciplines as a prerequisite for digital transformation

Our LPS1175 Platinum Turnstile is a FINALIST in the DCS Awards 2022 category of Security Innovation of the Year!

Following the release of our Platinum LPS1175 Turnstile with a 90° rotor (4 section walkway) in December 2019 our customers asked us to develop a security rated turnstile with a 120° degree rotor (3 section walkway). Frontier Pitts worked closely with LPCB during the lockdown months, co-ordinating safe, socially distanced testing in our factory, to ensure our R&D program continued to produce products to meet our clients requirements.

Now the LPS1175 Platinum Turnstile, like many other Turnstiles, have the option of 90° or 120° rotors. A first for the LPCB LPS1175 market!

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