FPT1 Full Height Turnstile

The Full Height FPT1 model of pedestrian turnstile is designed for perimeter use and normally used adjacent to security sliding gates or security hinged gates, thus providing both pedestrian and vehicular control

Full height turnstiles are available in single and twin cage versions, with a single rotor for left or right handed installations, or twin rotors where two turnstiles are required

  • 90° and 120° rotor options
  • Single or Dual Rotors
  • Bespoke available

Full Height Turnstile model FPT1 Specifications


The Full Height Turnstile model FPT1

    Basic Specs

  • 90° and 120° rotor options
  • Single or Dual Rotors
  • Bespoke available
  • More details

  • On receipt of a signal from a push-button, card reader etc, the turnstile will release the rotor, then closes
    and rebolts. Standard internal height – 2050mm Standard walkway width – 520mm or 610mm
  • Construction: Cage Combination of 32mm dia vertical bars with 50mm x 50mm columns to form a short walkway.
    Columns are used to mount card readers etc Metal canopy with anti-drip guttering, lifts off for access.
    Horizontal 32mm diameter steel tubes mounted into steel column. Column mounted in sealed bearing bolted to foundation.
  • Finish: Various options available, including: Shotblasted, hot zinc sprayed, primed & finished with a final
    coat of polyurethane paint. Client to advise RAL paint number. This process provides a 20-year corrosion protection system for exterior, industrial polluted inland sites to BS5493, 1977 (Revised 1984). Alternatively, acid dipped then hot galvanized. Any colour in the RAL colour range.
  • Optional: Stainless Steel Rotor
  • Options: Signage, cowled exit switch

Civil Engineering

FPT1 Full Height Turnstile Foundations
Single Rotor Turnstiles
90°- L:1500mm x W:1500mm x D:300mm
120°- L:1500mm x W:1300mm x D:300mm
Twin Rotor Turnstiles
90°- L:2200mm x W:1499mm x D:300mm
120°- L:2200mm x W:1300mm x D:300mm
(Note: Power and control wiring ducts to be incorporated into foundations)
For more information please contact the Technical Sales Department on

01293 422800 or email:

[email protected]

Electrical Engineering

Industry standard electricals

Electrical Requirements 230v 50Hz 2 amp supply single phase, depending on configuration

Specifications subject to change and are dependant on product options. Please contact Frontier Pitts to request more information.


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Warning and information signs installed on the barrier boom such as ‘STOP’ ‘NO EXIT’ and ‘NO ENTRY’

Turnstile Special Colour Finish

Turnstiles can be finish in clients choice of RAL colour. Frontier Pitts are able to suit a company’s individual corporate theme, even down to different colour rotors.

Turnstile Lights

Lights available in the lid of the turnstile

Cowled Switch

Exit buttons on pedestrian gates are usually cowled to prevent users reaching the button from the insecure side.

Pedestrian Guard Rail

A Pedestrian Guard Rail (fence panels) should be fitted around the runback area of the sliding gate. This is to prevent serious injury to a person should they stray into that area whilst the gate is operating.


Glass Reinforced Plastic Lid for full height turnstiles

Trombone Rotor

Trombone rotors are available as an alternative to bar rotors
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