HVM Architecture

Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) is a multi-disciplinary approach to deterring criminal behavior through environmental design.

The main purpose of any type of security is to protect an asset. An asset can include people (staff, visitors, guests) or physical assets (buildings, contents, equipment and sensitive materials). Depending on what the asset is will depend on the threat level. The threat level may remain constant, or may change throughout the day, month or year depending on an event (i.e. Crowded Places venue) or the current political environment.

A Layered Approach

Security is most effective when implemented with layers of HVM, access control and vehicle management.

The immediate vicinity of the asset should be protected, with further layers added at different standoff
distances to mitigate the threat.

It is important that the security system is equal to the assessed threat level to avoid potentially
highlighting a vulnerable site, whilst not impeding on the sites day to day operations (deliveries, visitors etc.).

Traffic Management Options include:

• Vehicle Exclusion

• Vehicle Inclusion

• Temporary Protection (during heightened times of threat)

• Traffic Calming Methods (developing exterior landscape to slow down potential hostile vehicles)

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