PAS 68 Terra Quantum Bollard 7.5t @ 30mph

PAS 68 – 7.5t @ 30mph – Rising

The World’s first BSi PAS 68 side folding bollard; the ULTIMATE BREAKTHROUGH INNOVATION for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation.

The UNIQUE Terra Quantum Bollard is a Shallow Depth, Side Folding Retractable HVM Terra Bollard which has been successfully PAS 68 impact tested stopping a 7.5t vehicle travelling at 30mph (48kph), which equates to 667kJ, with ZERO PENETRATION.

The Quantum Bollard Innovative Direction of Travel – Side Folding Bollard uniquely raises and lowers – with a small footprint and encroachment of foundation.

The Retractable Bollard is automatic and twinned with a static unit.

The Bollard has a padlockable locking pin within the bollard enclosure. 2no. Terra Quantum Bollards back to back form a 4m clear aperture. Designed for ease of installation and maintenance.

  • Lifted Height: 925mm
  • IWA 14 Tested dimensions: lift height 925mm

Non-powered Terra Quantum Bollard available – please click here

PAS 68 Rising Terra Quantum Bollard 7.5t@30mph Specifications


PAS 68 Rising Terra Quantum Bollard 7.5t@30mph

    Basic Specs

  • PAS 68 Classification Code: V Rising Bollard /7500[N2]/48/90:0.0/1.5
  • Lift height: 925mm
  • More details

  • Construction: S355 structural steel plate is a high-strength low-alloy European standard structural steel
  • Automatic Terra Bollard Finish: Polyester Powder Coated Painted finish as standard or stainless steel clad.
  • Option of Anti Slip Paint for the top plate.
  • Terra Bollard Operation: Each bollard has a manual hydraulic power unit including hydraulic reservoir, manual hand pump and manual release valve within the bollard enclosure.
  • Automatic Terra Bollard Safety: LED Traffic light heads, hold to run controls
  • Duty Cycle: 100% duty rating
  • Terra Bollard Durability: Fully functional after PAS 68 impact test
  • Controls: The programmable logic controller (PLC) with built in safety features. Hold to run push buttons or VHF system. Can be controlled remotely as long as CCTV systems are in place. Push button as supplied as standard
  • Accreditations: Secured by Design, BRE Global

Civil Engineering

For more information please contact the Technical Sales Department on

01293 422800 or email:

[email protected]

Electrical Engineering

Industry standard electricals

Electrical Requirements: Single or three phase, Depending on configuration

Specifications subject to change and are dependant on product options. Please contact Frontier Pitts to request more information.

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Stainless Steel Bollard Clad

Bollard tube Stainless Steel Clad

Finish: Satin Polished Stainless Steel

Satin–polished 320 grit (0.5 micron) stainless steel finish

Finish: Bead Blasted Stainless Steel

Our bead blasting stainless steel finish achieves no pitting or distortion of the final surface. N.B. distortion is dependant on material thickness

Finish: Powder Coating

Powder coated paint finish in clients choice of RAL colour.

Reflective Banding

Another option for the finish of the bollard is reflective banding. The reflective banding can be deemed a necessity to ensure the bollard stands out from the architecture of the landscape and/or building. Bollard banding is available in a range of colours and dimensions, with option on the number of bands on the bollard, and position (top of bollard, top and bottom of bollard). The colour of the banding can also reflect the branding of the site company.

Personalised Engraving

In addition to reflective banding on the static bollards to incorporate the sites corporate brand image, Frontier Pitts can also provide corporate engraving on the stainless steel bollard sleeve.


Warning and information signs installed on the barrier boom such as ‘STOP’ ‘NO EXIT’ and ‘NO ENTRY’

Traffic Light System

Standard Traffic Light systems are highly recommended to be installed with all road blocker and bollard systems to advise all users of its position, and are supplied as standard. 100mm LED traffic light head can be pole or mounted on control cabinet

Traffic Light Cage

Vandal resistant traffic light cages

Totem Traffic Light System

Totem Traffic Light systems are optional and an upgrade to the standard Traffic Light system. Traffic Lights are highly recommended to be installed with all road blocker and bollard systems to advise all users of its position.
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