PAS 68 Terra Gate (Tracked)

PAS 68 Terra Gate impact tested in the full closed and half open positions

PAS 68 – 7.5t @ 50mph

The PAS 68 Terra Gate successfully impact tested with a 7.5t vehicle travelling at 50mph (80kph) which equates to 1852kJ. On impact the gate completely stopped the vehicle resulting in zero penetration on to site. The gate remained fully functional after impact.

The gate leaf is constructed with a Heavy Duty Crash Impact Beam and Heavy duty posts support the gate leaf

Electronic control motor drive unit. Designed for easy installation and maintenance.

The Terra Gate can be interfaced to any access control systems.

Maximum width: 6000mm variable
Variable heights available up to 5000mm
(standard 2400mm)
PAS 68 Tested dimensions: width 3000mm,
height 3000mm

Shallow foundation depths of only 300mm required

  • PAS 68 Classification Code: V Sliding Gate /7500(N3)/80/90:0.0/0.0
  • Maximum width up to: 6000mm
  • Standard Height: 400mm
  • Maximum Height: 5000mm
  • PAS 68 Tested dimensions: width 3000mm, height 3000mm

PAS 68 Terra Gate (Tracked) [email protected] Specifications


The PAS 68 Terra Gates (Tracked) – 7.5t @ 50mph

    Basic Specs

  • PAS 68 Classification Code: V Sliding Gate /7500(N3)/80/90:0.0/0.0
  • Maximum width up to: 6000mm
  • Standard Height: 400mm
  • Maximum Height: 5000mm
  • PAS 68 Tested dimensions: width 3000mm, height 3000mm
  • More details

  • Construction: The gate is a fully welded construction of steel sections including specially designed Frontier Pitts’ Steel Impact Beam. Various infills are available including fully welded vertical bar and high security 358 welded mesh infill to BS 1722 Part 10 and 14.
  • Foundation Depth 300mm
  • Finish: Shotblasted, hot zinc sprayed (galvanised), primed and finished with a final coat of polyurethane paint.
  • Options: UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), EFO (Extra Fast Operation), Disengaging Box – manual override, High Security Cabinet, Anti-tamper alarms
  • Safety: Safety-edges, Vehicle Detector Loops, Safety Photocells, LED Traffic ligh heads, Flashing beacon, Audible alarm
  • Normal Operating Speed/Time: 250-500mm/second, depending on configuration. EFO Speed: 1000mm/second, depending on configuration. Duty Cycle: 100% duty rating
  • Controls: The programmable logic controller (PLC) with built in safety features will accept inputs from access control systems including access card, voice, etc. Push button as supplied as standard Accreditations: Secured by Design, BRE Global

Civil Engineering

Shallow Foundation Depths of only 300mm

For more information please contact the Technical Sales Department on

01293 422800 or email:

[email protected]

Electrical Engineering

Industry standard electricals

Electrical Requirements Single Phase Depending on configuration

Specifications subject to change and are dependant on product options. Please contact Frontier Pitts to request more information.

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Warning and information signs installed on the barrier boom such as ‘STOP’ ‘NO EXIT’ and ‘NO ENTRY’

Pedestrian Warning Sign

Normally placed on the barrier cabinet. Warns pedestrian of the automatic barrier.

Traffic Light System

Traffic Light systems are highly recommended to be installed with all road blocker and bollard systems to advise all users of its position. 100mm traffic light head can be pole or mounted on control cabinet

Vehicle Detector Loops

Vehicle detector loops installed beneath the road surface to detect vehicles. This will prevent the automatic equipment from closing on a vehicle within the aperture. Safety induction loops cut into the road surface. This will prevent the gate from closing on a vehicle within the aperture.

Safety Photocells

Safety Photocells produce beams of light which cross the road way to monitor vehicle and pedestrian movement. If an object breaks this beam, the automatic equipment will stop & reverse. On gate installations, two pairs of photocells are usually fitted. Ultra Sonic Sensors are also available.

Gate Safety Edge

Safety Edges are normally fitted to automatic gates. However they can also be installed beneath a barrier boom. Safety edges prevent the barrier lowering on a person or vehicle in the event it is activated. Safety edges are flexible strips which, if depressed, send a signal to the power source to stop.

Pedestrian Guard Rail

A Pedestrian Guard Rail (fence panels) should be fitted around the runback area of the sliding gate. This is to prevent serious injury to a person should they stray into that area whilst the gate is operating.

Gate Infill

Weldmesh should be clipped to the gates infill bars infill to prevent pedestrians putting their limbs through.
Other infills include palisade pales, sheet and wood infills. For more information please Security Gate Infills page


Sounders/Audible Alarms provide an audible warning that the automatic equipment is in operation.

Flashing Beacon

Flashing Beacons provide a visual warning that the automatic equipment is in operation.

UPS – Uninterrupted Power Supply

In the event of a power failure or sabotage an interrupted power supply system can open and close the Terra Gate for a number of predetermined operations is available.

Extra Fast Operation

Increases the products speed of operation to a few seconds. Dependent on configuration. Please contact Technical Sales for more information on 01293 422800
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