Trojan Actuators are a range of powerful motive units for large, heavy gates. Originally designed to automate large prison and cash centre gates. 100% duty cycle designed for continuous operation.

Underground and surface mounted models available of the Trojan actuator. The Trojan underground actuator is completely contained below the surface directly under the gate leaf hinge point creating minimal visual impact. The actuator is housed within an underground cavity formed in the gatepost foundation immediately underneath the pivot point of the gate-leaf. A sturdy 10mm steel cover plate is fitted which protects the actuator from the elements and allows service access. The actuator cavity is fully coated and fitted with a 100mm drain to prevent the accumulation of rainwater.

Standard operating speeds = 10-18 seconds*
100% duty cycle designed for continuous operation.

* This is subject to a risk assessment to ensure the automatic equipment complies to BS EN 12453. Faster operating speeds can be achieved.

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