Threats to Sea Ports include terrorism, piracy, smuggling of stowaways and drugs, cargo theft and fraud, bribery and extortion.

Frontier Pitts manufacture and install a range of equipment at Ports Nationally and Internationally

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The National Policy Statement for Ports includes the following advice
for the interest of the National Defence.

  • National security considerations apply across all national infrastructure sectors. The Department for Transport acts as the Sector Sponsor Department for the ports sector and in this capacity has lead responsibility for security matters in that sector and for directing the security approach to be taken. It works closely with government security services, including the NPSA (National Protective Security Authority), to reduce the vulnerability of the most ‘critical’ infrastructure assets in the sector to terrorism and other national security threats.
  • Government policy is to ensure that, where possible, proportionate protective security measures are designed into new infrastructure projects at an early stage in the project development. Where applications for development consent for infrastructure covered by this NPS relate to potentially ‘critical’ infrastructure, there may be national security considerations.
  • DfT will be notified at pre-application stage about every likely future application for port NSIPs, so that any national security implications can be identified. Where national security implications have been identified, the applicant should consult with relevant security experts from the Government (NPSA) and DfT, to ensure that physical, procedural and personnel security measures have been adequately considered in the design process and that adequate consideration has been given to the management of security risks.
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