By Security Level

Our Product Portfolio can be divided into 5 different Security Levels.

1. Terra Impact Tested: IWA 14, PAS 68, K12
Frontier Pitts Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Range includes:
Terra Gates: Terra Sliding Cantilevered Gate, Terra Gate, Terra V Gate, Terra Swing Gate, Terra Hinged Gates
Terra Barriers: Compact Terra Barrier, Terra Ultimate Barrier, Terra 180 Swing Arm Barriers, Terra Manual Barrier
Terra Blockers: Terra Surface Mount Blocker, Terra Shallow Blocker, Terra Blocker
Terra Bollards: Rising Terra Universal Bollard and the Planet Range of PAS 68 Bollards

2. LPCB LPS 1175
Automatic Platinum Bi-folding Gates, Automatic Platinum Sliding Gates, Pedestrian Terra Diamond Turnstile.

3. Security
Sliding Gates: LoTracker Sliding Gate, Sliding Cantilever Gate, Tracked Sliding Gates and Barricade Beams
Hinged/Swing Gates, Bi-folding Speed Gates and Actuators
Automatic Rising Arm Barriers: FBX Barrier, FB Barriers and HB Barriers
Roadblockers & Rising Kerbs
Hydraulic Rising Bollards

4. Manual Perimeter Security:
Garrison Rising Arm Barrier, Road Closer (swing arm), and WagonStopper (height restrictor)

5. Pedestrian Control:
Gates & Turnstiles.