By Security Level

Our Product Portfolio can be divided into 5 different Security Levels.

1. Terra Impact Tested: IWA 14, PAS 68, K12
Frontier Pitts Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Range includes:
Terra Gates: Terra Sliding Cantilevered Gate, Terra Gate, Terra V Gate, Terra Swing Gate, Terra Hinged Gates
Terra Barriers: Compact Terra Barrier, Terra Ultimate Barrier, Terra 180 Swing Arm Barriers, Terra Ultimate 180 Swing Arm Barriers, Terra Manual Barrier
Terra Blockers: Terra Surface Mount Blocker, Terra Shallow Blocker, Terra Blocker
HVM Rising Terra Bollards: Rising Terra Universal Bollard, Terra Side Folding Quantum Bollard, Terra Saturn Bollard
HVM Static Terra BollardsHVM Terra Jupiter Bollards, HVM Terra Neptune Bollards, HVM Terra Mars Bollards, HVM Terra Venus Bollards, HVM Shallow Standalone Terra Neptune Bollard, HVM Shallow Terra Venus Bollard
HVM Removable Terra BollardsHVM Removable Terra Jupiter Bollards, HVM Removable Terra Neptune Bollards, HVM Removable Terra Mars Bollards, HVM Terra Removable Venus Bollards

2. LPCB LPS 1175
LPS1175 Automatic Platinum Bi-folding Gates SR2 & SR3
LPS1175 Automatic Platinum Sliding Gates SR2 & SR3
LPS1175 Automatic Platinum Hinged Vehicle Gates SR2 & SR3
LPS1175 Automatic Platinum Hinged Pedestrian Gates SR2 & SR3
LPS 1175 Terra Diamond Turnstile SR3 & SR4

3. Security
Sliding Gates: LoTracker Sliding Gate, Sliding Cantilevered Gate and Tracked Sliding Gates
Hinged/Swing Gates, Bi-folding Speed Gates and Actuators
Automatic Rising Arm Barriers: FBX Barrier, FB Barriers and HB Barriers
Hydraulic Rising Bollards

5. Pedestrian Control:
Gates & Turnstiles.

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