National Memorial Arboretum

National Memorial Arboretum

Sector: Public Realm – Memorial
Security Level: Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)
Requirement: HVM PAS 68 solutions
Equipment Installed: PAS 68 Terra Swing Gates
Services: Design, Manufacture, Logistics, Installation, Commissioning.

This award winning HVM security solution within a public realm location has been recognised by the CPNI sponsored CIHT Award for its excellence in development, application and effectiveness to counter established and evolving threats.

The Terra Swing Gate is a manual hinged gate with integrated crash beam which has been successfully impact tested in accordance with BSi PAS 68 stopping a 7.5t vehicle travelling at 50mph (80kph). This manual operated HVM Gate is ideal for remote applications where there is no power supply available.

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The National Memorial Arboretum (NMA) includes the iconic Armed Forces Memorial and is becoming the main national focal point for people wishing to show their respects to many organisations and past events. It serves to host dignitaries from the UK and overseas including Royalty, Prime Ministers, Presidents etc and attendance is projected to grow for the foreseeable future. Events including Remembrance Day are televised and involve high profile individuals. In 2009 the site was subject to an assessment by the police Counter Terrorism Security Advisors (CTSAs) and key recommendations were installation of approved vehicle barriers, construction of ditch/berms and enhancement of existing CCTV system to incorporate a secure broadband link to Police Control – Remote monitoring and enhanced staff training.In September 2009 a government bid was successful in achieving requisite funding. A project team was created with representatives from all interested parties, including suppliers, contractors, Lichfield District Council, Police, EA and the NMA. The team faced a number of challenges including time constraints, planning, liaison with the Environment Agency, legal agreements and aesthetics with site sensitive concerns.This project has provided a major contribution to the safety and well-being of a national iconic site. The equipment has been fully operational on several occasions with further planned events for 2011 and thereafter. The quality and placement of the equipment used will also help to promote how protective security measures can be blended in to the landscape architecture – an ethos promulgated by CPNI and locally based CTSAs.

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