Sliding Gates Datacentres

Sector: Datacentres
Security Level: High Security
Requirement: Sliding Gates, Automatic Barriers and Rising Kerbs
Equipment Installed: 3 no Automatic Barriers model FBX, 1 no. Interlock set of Sliding Gates, 1 no. Sliding Gate with acoustic infill
Client: Contractor

Frontier Pitts Security Gates, Barriers and Blockers at a Datacentre

The Security Installation at the Datacentre included:
1 no. LoTracker Sliding Gate 3m wide x 5m high complete with acoustic infill
1 no. Interlock set of LoTracker Sliding Gates
3 no. Automatic Barriers model FBX working in conjunction with
3 no. Rising Kerbs

The LoTracker is the renowned Cantilevered Sliding Gate from Frontier Pitts which secures widths up to 15m. This security gate is 100% duty rated and does not require a ground track. Available with a large range of infills, the cash centre installation required the 5m high gate to have an acoustic infill to help with noise reduction from the power generation compound it was securing.

Another set of Security LoTracker Gates were installed to create an Interlock system. An interlock system creates a secure area where an incoming vehicle can be verified by security before being authorised access, or declined. The same system can be used for outgoing traffic if a security check is also required on egress.Typically on an interlock system, the first gate opens to allow a vehicle into the lock system. Security then security check the vehicle. Once security has authorised access, they will operate the second gate. For security purposes, the second gate will not operate whilst the first gate is in operation.

Frontier Pitts Automatic Barriers model FBX is a rapid-action torque motor barrier ideal for traffic control situations. With boom lengths available up to 5m, the FBX is 100% duty rating, and designed for continuous and frequent use. Adding Rising Kerbs to the traffic control system provides anti ram protection. The Parking Height Rising Kerb with SMT (Surface Mount Technology) is a surface mounted unit requiring minimal foundations, which has a lift height of 300mm and widths up to 3000mm.

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