Hotel Rising Kerbs

Hotel Rising Kerbs

Sector: Inner city hotel
Security Level: Anti-Ram and Access Control
Requirement: Anti Ram Protection and Access Control for an inner city Hotel check in area
Equipment Installed: 1 no. Rising Kerbs
Services: Consultancy, Design, Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance
Client: Architect

Frontier Pitts Automatic Rising Kerbs provide Anti-Ram and access control for an inner city Hotel

Frontier Pitts Automatic Rising Kerbs have been installed at a busy London Hotel, providing anti ram protection and heavy duty vehicle access control to the front of the hotel. The Parking Height Rising Kerb with SMT (Surface Mount Technology) is a surface mounted unit requiring minimal foundations – ideal for inner city sites such as the residence, with limited foundations depths.

With 100% duty rating, the units are designed for continuous and frequent use.

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Frontier Pitts COVID-19 Statement.

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