Data Centre

Data Centre

Sector: Data Centres
Security Level: High Security Traffic Control
Requirement: HVM PAS 68 solution for a Data Centres
Equipment Installed: PAS 68 Terra Gate & Terra Barrier
Services: Design, Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning

Frontier Pitts PAS 68 HVM Terra Gate and Terra Barrier installation at a key UK Data Centre

Frontier Pitts secure various Data Centres in the UK and around the World with a variety of PAS 68 Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions, as well as MSN and Google in Dublin.

Installation of PAS 68 Terra Gate at a UK Data Centre

The PAS 68 Terra Gate has been successfully impact tested with a 7500kg vehicle travelling at 50mph (80kph – which equates to 1852kJ) in both the fully closed and half open positions. On both impacts the gate completely stopped the vehicle resulting in zero penetration on to site. The gate remained fully functional after impact.

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