HVM Protection at Embassy

Sector: Government
Security Level: Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)
Requirement: HVM PAS 68 solutions for Embassies Infrastructure Design
Equipment Installed: 1 no. HVM PAS 68 tracked Terra Gate, 1 no. Terra Blocker, 1 no. Terra Manual Barrier, Static Terra Bollards
Services: Design, Manufacture, Logistics, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance

Frontier Pitts HVM Terra Gate (tracked), Terra Blockers, Terra Manual Barrier and Static Terra Bollards protecting a British Embassy

The Hostile Vehicle Mitigation system comprises a tracked Terra Gate which has been successfully impact tested even in the half open position, stopping 7.5t @ 50mph. The Terra Blocker that works in conjunction with the Terra Gate has also been impact tested stopping 7.5t @ 50mph.
Completing the installation was a Terra Manual Barrier on the rear exit of the site, and Static Terra Saturn Bollards completing the perimeter.

For more information, please visit the product pages: Tracked Terra Gate,
Terra Blocker,
Terra Manual Barrier Static Terra Bollards

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