Australian Datacentre

Australian DataCentre

Sector: DataCentres
Security Level: High Security – IWA 14/PAS 68
Requirement: HVM Solutions
Equipment Installed: Numerous Compact Terra Barrier
Services: Consultancy, Design, Manufacture, Support & Training
Completion Date: 2014
Client: GK Solutions

Australia welcome the Compact Terra Barrier

As members of the Commonwealth of Nations (formerly the British Commonwealth), the Australian Government has been working closely with the British Authorities, seeking information, knowledge and guidance from our detailed physical security impact test program. The Australian authorities were also on the steering committee, alongside Frontier Pitts, for the new International IWA 14 impact test standard. Working closely with our Australian Agent GK Solutions, Frontier Pitts Compact Terra Barrier has proven to be a very popular choice in the Australian market. In particular, numerous Compact Terra Barriers have been installed at several Datacentres across New South Wales. These Tier 4 datacentres support some of Australia’s leading corporations, financial service institutions, government, defense, utilities, IT and telecommunications providers.The Compact Terra Barrier is a drop arm barrier which has been successfully PAS 68 impact tested by an independent testing facility using a 3.5t vehicle travelling at 30mph. The impact test was also witnessed by the British Government.

PAS 68:2010 Classification Code – V Drop Arm Gate 3500[N1]/48/90:1.5/0.0
Please click here for the PAS 68 Compact Terra Barrier product page

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