Thunderbirds Are Go

Thunderbirds are go!

Thunderbirds to the International Rescue!

An international client unfortunately ‘hit a barrier’ when the Terra Blocker they had purchased from Frontier Pitts on a supply only basis was installed the wrong way round, with the attack face on the secure side of site.The error was only realised when the 5m Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Blocker was raised for commissioning by Frontier Pitts engineers after the C40 concrete had cured.

After numerous in depth Technical meetings, Frontier Pitts sent a team of civil and mechanical engineers to the African location to excavate the Terra Blocker complete with 22 Tonnes of cured concrete, and rotate it 180° into the correct position. Following numerous calculations, safety planning meetings and lift tests on site, the blocker was successfully rotated and re-installed into the correct position at the praise of our impressed client.

The Security Manager on site concluded ‘there is a reason why Frontier Pitts are the specialists in the field of physical security. Other suppliers would have walked away with a supply only contract, or attempted to up sell with another blocker unit. For Frontier Pitts this was a challenge their engineers were keen to prove they could solve. This not only saved us major additional costs, it was also the only solution not to delay the program unnecessarily’.

This project further emphasizes the importance of qualified and experienced engineers installing HVM equipment in accordance with the International IWA 14 and British PAS 68 specification, and using PSSA Verified manufacturers. Installers may deem themselves capable but there is a reason why Frontier Pitts is the top name in the global HVM market.

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