Postal Depot

Postal Depot

Sector: Postal Service
Security Level: Depot Traffic Control
Requirement: Automatic Barriers
Equipment Installed: 1 no Automatic Barriers model FB securing entry and exit lane, with lower folding skirt
Services: Consultancy, Design, Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance
Completion Date: 2013

Frontier Pitts Automatic Barrier control Postal Depot Service Yard

Many Postal Service companies have contacted Frontier Pitts to provide traffic control systems to their Service Yards. During working hours the service yard are a hype of activity, with constant traffic through the yard. Security is required to ensure general members of the public do not wander into site, however the barriers speed of operation is key to ensure the depots personnel are not delayed in their work.

The FB model of Automatic Barrier with its rapid-action torque motor provides this security, whilst the lower folding skirt on the system provides higher visibility for the HGV’s accessing the site and deters pedestrians from ignoring the barrier. The barrier provides 100% duty rating – designed for continuous and frequent use. Together with a Nationwide Maintenance Contract and spare parts available on next day delivery, Frontier Pitts provides total peace of mind.

Frontier Pitts can also provide special signage to meet your exact site requirements

Please click here for more information on Frontier Pitts Automatic Barrier model FB

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