Maintenance Contracts FAQs

Maintenance Contracts FAQs
What are the health & safety implications if I don’t have a maintenance contract?
As the equipment manufacturer we recommend that regular maintenance visits take place throughout the operational life of your equipment. This is to ensure that the product is working correctly and does not contravene any health and safety regulations.

Frontier Pitts would undertake the responsibility of maintaining your equipment, thus limiting the chance of a breakdown and ensuring your site’s health and safety record is maintained. Without routine maintenance, as the owner of the equipment, you may become liable for any accident that occurs on your site. This applies especially if the product has not been maintained in accordance with the operation and maintenance manuals issued with the product.

How long does it take to process my contract?
We typically take 10 working days to process your contract once we have received the returned contract from you. This can be increased to 20 working days if you require a pre-contract inspection.

Once your contract has been counter signed, we will return it to you with your maintenance information pack which outlines our procedures and all the relevant maintenance details.

How do I request an engineer?
Frontier Pitts is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company, meaning we operate a quality management system to British standards. We also offer guaranteed response cover therefore all callouts must be in writing. Written confirmation determines the exact time of your request.

What are the callout procedures?
If you have a 48 or 24 “working hour” contract then you can only contact us within normal office hours (8.00am to 5.30pm). You will have to make a written request by fax 01293 560650 or email [email protected]

If you have a 12 or 04 hour contract then the same applies as above during office hours and after 5.30pm you must use the “Emergency callout number” linked to our call centre to get an engineer.

What contracts & response times do you offer?
Our range can be found by viewing the Contracts Page

How do I find out if the site has out of hour response cover?
Please refer to your maintenance contract or contact the Maintenance Department on 01293 422804 or email the Maintenance Department and we will call you to discuss your requirements.

When is my next scheduled maintenance visit?
Please refer to your maintenance contract or contact the Maintenance Department on 01293 422804 or email the Maintenance Department and we will call you to discuss your requirements.

What is carried out on a maintenance inspection?
Our engineers carry out a full inspection of each piece of equipment noting any defects or work required. This is then signed and a copy left on site.

How do I renew my contract?
You should receive your renewal paperwork 4 weeks prior to the contract renewal date.
Please see the Maintenance Renewals page

Can I amend my contract details?
Yes, if you wish to, we can amend any part of your contract without you incurring an administration charge. Contact the renewals department quoting your contract number and site and we will review and amend your contract. Please be aware it might be necessary to reissue your contract and get an authorised signature. Please call 01293 422814 or email us on [email protected]

Change of managing agent?
We will need confirmation from both companies, the one who is taking over the contract and the existing company. This needs to be in writing and you will be eligible to pay all invoices until we have received this paperwork from both parties.

Can I cancel my contract during its term?
Yes, you can but we do have a 3 month cancellation period even if you ordered the contract with a purchase order. You may also be charged an administration fee if you cancel early details on request.

If you are thinking of cancelling your contract please click here and someone will contact you to discuss your issues.

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