Clancy Sliding Gate

Sector: Construction
Security Level: Security
Requirement: Sliding Gates with brand indentity
Equipment Installed: 1 no Sliding Gate for Vehicle access and 1 no Wicket Gate for Pedestrian access
Client: Contractor

Frontier Pitts Security Sliding Gate at Clancy HQ

Clancy is one of the largest privately-owned construction firms in the UK. With over sixty years’ experience and a workforce of over 2,200, they have worked hard to develop a reputation as a well-run business offer essential services that help keep the UK running.

Clancy contacted Frontier Pitts to install a Sliding Gate to secure the entrance of their prestigious HQ.

As this gate would be the first and only access point to their HQ, incorporating the ‘Clancy’ branding on the gate was very important and therefore Frontier Pitts worked to incorporate the logo in the bespoke gate design.

Sliding Cantilevered Gate
Frontier Pitts popular model of Sliding Cantilevered Gate was installed with adjacent Pedestrian Wicket Gate. The made to order bespoke gate included the distinctive ‘Clancy’ logo, which was laser cut into sheet infill, positioned to the centre of the gate, and is clearly visible on approach to the headquarters.

All Frontier Pitts Automatic Gates are installed in line with DHF Safety standards with a full Risk Assessment determining the most appropriate safety devices for each site’s requirements and users. Pedestrian guard rail secured the runback area of the sliding gate, with other safety devices including photocells, vehicle detector loops, safety edges and a traffic light system installed.

Commenting on the installation, Clancy’s CCTV Operations Manager said:

We chose Frontier Pitts as we wanted to find a company to develop a partnership with, who understood our requirements for this very custom project. We evaluated a number of suppliers and felt that Frontier Pitts truly understood how to make this gate personal to The Clancy Group with the designs and concepts provided. From start to end, we found the designers and fabricators adjusted and worked with us to make this gate just how we wanted. We were also impressed that the gate was manufactured in the UK and the feel the quality gives us the reassurance that this gate is here to stay a long time.

Sally Osmond, Brand & Development Manager said:

This is another installation of our Sliding Cantilevered Gate that we are very proud of after working closely with the client to deliver their expectations. We look forward to working with them in the future to secure their other sites.

With thousands of installations around the World, the Security Sliding Gate is a cantilevered gate which requires no ground track or support across the roadway. This model of gate is available to secure apertures up to 10m and is 100% duty rated – designed for continuous & frequent use. Power is supplied from a single phase 230V supply and can be connected to any access control system.

All Automatic Sliding Gates should be regularly maintained, a service which Frontier Pitts also offers. A range of contracts are available with preventative planned maintenance visits and break down call outs with response times to suit your site’s requirements.
Visit our Maintenance Contract page here.

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