Elevator Rising Bollards

Elevator Rising Bollards

Sector: Hotel
Security Level: Anti-Ram and Access Control
Requirement: Anti Ram Protection and Access Control for vehicle elevator to access underground basement car park
Equipment Installed: 2 no. Stainless Steel Rising Bollards externally, 1 no. Rising Kerb internally
Client: Elevator Manufacturer
Frontier Pitts Automatic Rising Bollards and Rising Kerb providing Anti-Ram and Access Control for a Hotel’s Vehicle Elevator to the basement car park.

Frontier Pitts Automatic Rising Bollards have been installed at a hotel in London to provide anti ram protection and heavy duty vehicle access control to the vehicle elevator that accesses the hotel’s underground car park.

The Automatic Rising Bollard is a retractable bollard, hydraulically powered barricade which has a lift height of 600mm. With 100% duty rating, the Automatic Bollards are designed for continuous and frequent use, ideal for busy London hotel.The Rising Bollards were finished in stainless steel to compliment the hotel exterior and look aethestically pleasing.The control cabinet for the Rising Bollards was installed with the control cabinet for the Rising Kerb RoadBlocker in the Basement Car Park, keeping it out of sight and secured.

For protection of the elevator within the basement, a rising kerb blocker was installed. Similarly to the Rising Bollards, the Rising Kerb blocker provides the Elevator with access traffic control and anti ram protection.

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