Meeting The Challenge

Meeting the Challenge

Sector: Utilities
Security Level: High Security – PAS 68
Requirement: HVM Solution for Iraq Oil Feeds
Equipment Installed: 25 no. Terra Manual Barriers and 18 no. Terra Sliding Cantilevered Gates
Services: Consultancy, Design, Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance, Support & Training
Completion Date: 2014
Client: Oil Fields

As the British Manufacturer of Security Gates and Barriers, Frontier Pitts has yet again met the demanding challenges of a Hostile Vehicle Mitigation installation in a volatile country.

This latest accomplishment provided anti-terrorist security equipment to the Oil Fields of Southern Iraq, which consisted of 25 Terra Manual Barriers and 18 Terra Sliding Cantilevered Gates. Both of these products are from Frontier Pitts Anti Terra portfolio and have been successfully impact tested in accordance with the British Standards PAS 68 specification. The Rumaila Oil Fields in Southern Iraq are estimated to contain 17 billion barrels of oil, which accounts for 12% of Iraq’s oil reserves. The Terra Manual Barriers installed are manually operated by the Security Guards and provide traffic control. These are backed by our shallow foundation Terra Sliding Cantilevered Gates, which provide the ultimate level of defence, with the capability to stop 7.5t travelling @ 50mph.
Frontier Pitts were specified for the project by National Security Consultants who required not only a product, but an integrated turnkey security system, manufactured and installed by a specialist renowned for its British Engineering prowess. The project specification required a quality product which had been created under an audited BSI (British Standards Institute) Quality Management System, whilst also complying with the stringent criteria of the British PAS 68 impact test program. This publicly available specification, which has become the security industry’s benchmark for HVM equipment, is sponsored by the UK Government’s Centre for the Protection of the National Infrastructure (CPNI) and requires the vehicle security barrier to stop a higher kinetic energy than that of its US’s ASTM counterpart.
As a PSSA Verified Sliding Gate manufacturer, Frontier Pitts add value to any installation by ensuring our products are rigorously audited to recognised international accreditations including the Perimeter Security Suppliers Association Verification certificate and the BRE Loss Prevention Certification Boards LPS1175. These awards illustrate Frontier Pitts’ commitment to continuously demonstrate their high security equipment is fit for purpose and consistently manufactured as per impact test specification. The accreditations also illustrate that the product meets the customer, market and regulatory requirements, and when in use, produces the intended performance.
The success of this installation further emphasises Frontier Pitts’ unmatchable capabilities in not only meeting, but exceeding the requirements of large, overseas perimeter security schemes. With onsite training and support leading a team of engineers, Frontier Pitts are proud of the dynamic and efficient delivery of such a key project, especially during a time of such conflict in Iraq.
The PAS 68 and CWA 16221 Terra Sliding Cantilevered Gate was successfully impact tested with a 7.5t vehicle travelling at 50mph. On impact, the gate stopped the vehicle within the aperture. The gate leaf is constructed with a Heavy Duty Crash Impact Beam and Heavy Duty posts support the gate leaf. The Cantilevered Gate requires no track or support across the roadway, therefore no roadway excavation needed. The balance is provided by a unique enclosed runback, which enables the gate to be fully projected across the roadway without the risk of tipping.The HVM Gate is available in widths up to 6m, with shallow foundation depths of only 500mm required. It is designed for ease of installation and maintenance. Frontier Pitts custom build all gates to our unique specification, allowing architects and designers to integrate HVM security equipment into any design architectural design.
“With the PSSA Verification, the Terra Sliding Cantilevered Gate has become a best seller in overseas markets” says Sally Osmond, Brand and Development Management of Frontier Pitts Ltd. “Indeed the HVM Gate has also been very popular in the UK market with installations at high profile Utility sites, datacenters, cash centre’s, government buildings, Embassies and prisons”.
A number of PAS 68 Terra Manual Barriers were also installed with the Terra Sliding Cantilevered Gates in Iraq. This counterbalanced Rising Arm Gate is available in widths up to 6m. It is the ideal solution for remote locations where no power is available (i.e remote oil fields of Southern Iraq).
Other entrances were secured with Frontier Pitts Terra Blocker. The Terra Blocker has been successfully PAS 68 impact tested to stop a 7.5t vehicle travelling at 50mph.

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