HVM Modernisation to Iraq

Sector: Utilities
Security Level: High Security – IWA 14 & PAS 68
Requirement: HVM Traffic Control for Iraq Oil Fields
Equipment Installed: 10 no. HVM Terra Blockers 7.5t at 50mph, 10 no. Automatic Barriers model FBX, 30no. HVM Terra Jupiter Bollards
Services: Consultancy, Design, Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance, Support & Training
Completion Date: 2018
Client: South Oil Company (Basra)

As the British Manufacturer of Security Gates and Barriers, Frontier Pitts has yet again met the demanding challenges of a Hostile Vehicle Mitigation installation in a volatile country.

Following on from the other successes in this territory, Frontier Pitts is very proud of their latest accomplishment which included the mobilisation and installation of anti-terrorist security equipment to the Oil Fields of Southern Iraq. To create a layered Interlock traffic control system, numerous lanes of HVM Terra Blockers (7.5t at 50mph) were installed, working in conjunction with traffic control Automatic Barriers (model FBX). HVM Static Terra Jupiter Bollards (7.5t @ 50mph) completed the installation to meet PAS 69 and IWA 14-2 installation guidelines.
Protecting another large oil field in Iraq’s has further demonstrated Frontier Pitts ability and experience to achieve such an installation in a hostile environment.

Frontier Pitts were specified for the project by National Security Consultants who required not only a product, but an integrated turnkey security system, manufactured and installed by a specialist renowned for its British Engineering prowess. Frontier Pitts then worked closely with the Contractor to achieve the final result.

The success of this installation further emphasises Frontier Pitts’ unmatchable capabilities in not only meeting, but exceeding the requirements of large, overseas perimeter security schemes. With onsite training and support leading a team of engineers, Frontier Pitts are proud of the dynamic and efficient delivery of such a key project, especially during a time of such conflict in Iraq.

The HVM Terra Blockers and Static HVM Terra Jupiter Bollards have all been successfully PAS 68 impact tested to stop a 7.5t vehicle travelling at 50mph. The FBX model of Automatic Barrier is our most popular traffic control barrier. It is 100% duty rated, driven with a torque motor.

All the equipment supplied to Iraq has been engineered and tested to meet the local harsh environment (humidity, sand and extreme heat). Additionally, our support engineers travelled constantly in and out of Iraq to commission the project and make the project achievable.

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