Airport Ultimate

Terra Ultimate Barrier at Gatwick

Sector: Airport
Security Level: High Security – PAS 68
Requirement: HVM Solutions
Equipment Installed: 1 no Terra Ultimate Barrier with streets cape
Services: Consultancy, Design, Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance
Completion Date: 2013
Client: Utilities

HVM Terra Ultimate Barriers securing an entrance with close proximity to the terminal entrance of an International UK Airport and its connecting railway station.
After the terrorist attack at Glasgow Airport back in 2007, all UK Airports are under the terrorist threat and require Counter Terrorist protection.

PAS 68 Terra Ultimate Barrier at an International Airport in the UK
Frontier Pitts PAS 68 Terra Ultimate Barrier was the specified Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) access control solution as it met the threat level requirement – a hostile vehicle would be able to achieve a high speed of 50mph/80kph on approach and therefore the Ultimate was the only solution.

The Terra Ultimate Barrier has been successfully impact tested to the PAS 68 specification stopping 7.5t @ 50mph.PAS 68:2010 Classification Code – V Drop Arm Gate 7500[N3]/80/90:5.2/2.0

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