Racecourse HVM Bollards

Sector: Crowded Places – Racecourse
Security Level: HVM Security
Requirement: HVM Rising & Static Bollards
Equipment Installed: 2 no. Sets 2 no. IWA 14 Rising Terra Universal Bollards with stainless steel sleeves, 5 no. Static Terra Jupiter bollards
Services: Site survey, Design, Manufacture, Installation, Maintenance
Completion Date: 2018
Client: Racecourse

Our HVM Rising Terra Universal Bollards and Static Terra Jupiter Bollards with matching stainless steel sleeves protecting a Crowded Place Racecourse venue.

As a Crowded Place, Racecourses are another type of venue which are typical targets for Vehicle as a Weapon attacks, especially during the racing season when they can welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors.

One client contacted Frontier Pitts in early 2018 to have Hostile Vehicle Mitigation measures in place before the start of the Racing season.

The entrance and exit lanes are protected with our IWA 14 impact tested Rising Terra Universal Bollards, with our PAS 68 Static Terra Jupiter Bollards completing the installation either side to meet the PAS69 and IWA14-2 installation guidelines of 1.2m gaps between upright bollard faces. Both Rising and Static models were finished in matching stainless-steel sleeves with double black reflective banding.

The IWA 14 Rising Terra Universal Bollard is our latest model of Rising HVM Bollard which has been successfully impact tested stopping a vehicle travelling at 50mph. The special feature of the Universal Bollard is that you can manufacture any sleeve to the core of the bollard, therefore matching the static bollard within the same line.

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