HVM Bollards at Abu Dhabi Media Zone

Sector: Media
Security Level: High Security – IWA 14 & PAS 68
Requirement: HVM Protection for Abu Dhabi’s Media Zone
Equipment Installed: HVM Rising Terra Universal Bollards IWA14 7.2t at 50mph and HVM Terra Jupiter Bollards PAS68 7.5t at 50mph
Services: Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance, Support & Training
Completion Date: 2021

One of Frontier Pitts Middle East’s largest projects in the Gulf region in 2021, saw the installation of HVM Bollards at the biggest Media Zone in Abu Dhabi. With all the Bollards manufactured in the UK, they were exported to the Middle East, where our team on the ground supported the installation and commissioning of the project.

Terra Jupiter Bollards Abu Dhabi Media Zone

The Media Zone in Abu Dhabi is located within the southern part of the new Yas Island Development. The state-of-the-art, 3.2 million square feet campus will house 10,000 professionals every day. With the ground floor at 95,000 square metres, the development houses state-of-the-art offices, TV studios and retail. It is the ideal home for entertainment and media businesses.
Frontier Pitts is very proud of their latest accomplishment, which included the mobilisation and installation of anti-terrorist security equipment to Abu Dhabi’s largest Media Zone. Static Terra Bollards created a ring of steel and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Protection to the buildings with Rising Terra Bollards providing HVM protection at the access points.

Terra Jupiter Bollards Media Zone Abu Dhabi

Frontier Pitts were specified for the project by National Security Consultants, who required not only a product, but an integrated turnkey security system that was manufactured and installed by a specialist renowned for its British Engineering prowess. Frontier Pitts then worked closely with our Agents and the Contractor to complete the project installation.

The HVM Rising Terra Universal Bollards have been impact tested to the latest International Specification IWA14, stopping 7.2t at 50mph. The HVM Static Terra Jupiter Bollards have been impact tested to the British Specification PAS68, stopping 7.5t at 50mph. Both were finished with stainless steel sleeves. This is one of the features and benefits of the Rising Terra Universal Bollard, as the same sleeve installed on the Static HVM Bollards can also be incorporated on the Rising Terra Universal Bollard, creating a seamless appearance. All the HVM Bollards, and indeed all the HVM equipment Frontier Pitts installs, have all been installed in accordance with the IWA 14-2 and PAS69 installation guidelines. This further cements Frontier Pitts as the top name in the global HVM market. 

The success of this installation further emphasises Frontier Pitts’ unmatchable capabilities in not only meeting, but exceeding the requirements of large, overseas perimeter security schemes. With onsite training and support leading a team of engineers, Frontier Pitts is proud of the Frontier Pitts Middle East team with their dynamic and efficient delivery of such a key project, especially during a difficult time with Covid restrictions.

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