Range Of Blockers

Frontier Pitts Range of Blockers to Suit All Requirements

Frontier Pitts has been impact testing different Road Blockers to suit the requirements of our individual client’s sites since 2004.In 2004 the Terra Blocker was impact tested in accordance with the American Department of State K12 standard. Since this time our R&D department has continued this testing program, under the BSi PAS 68 specification at various speeds and with different types of vehicles.

Frontier Pitts has seen a further 8 successful impact tests on Terra Blockers alone, with changes in factors such as vehicle, speed and foundation depth all being analysed. Frontier Pitts introduced the Terra Shallow Blocker and Terra Mount Blockers from the BSi PAS 68 tests focusing on limited foundations, which are ideal for inner city sites.As lessons have been learned, Architects have identified that designing the landscape around the buildings to slow possible VBIED (Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device) is critical to ensure vehicles are not able to attain the speeds that equate to a high energy level. As this has become more and more common, Frontier Pitts clients required a blocker that would stop a lower energy levels.

In 2010 Frontier Pitts took the initiative to impact test the standard range of roadblocker to the PAS 68 standard, as clients required a lower energy roadblocker which would halt a 7500kg vehicle travelling at 30mph. This same blocker has since been impact tested with 7500kg @ 50mph, with remarkable results. The footage speaks for itself, and can be found on Frontier Pitts You Tube channel.

Frontier Pitts is much more than a manufacturer, with complete bespoke design and manufacture from our UK HQ, site surveys, installation, civil and electrical services, maintenance, spares, repair or refurbishment and full project management. Our network of engineers are directly employed by Frontier Pitts and based nationwide.

Frontier Pitts also has a directly employed Civils Team to work alongside our engineers.Our Anti Terra range also includes the Terra Gate, Terra Bollards (Active and Passive), Terra Road Closer (swing arm barrier), a range of drop arm Terra Barrier’s (PAS 68 tested at various energy levels)and the Terra V Gate (bi-parting pair of hinged gate leaves).

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