Spitalfields Market

IWA 14 Terra 180 Swing Barriers, PAS 68 Compact Terra Barriers and PAS 68 Static Terra Venus Bollards at Spitalfields Market

Sector: Crowded Place
Security Level: Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM), Anti-Ram
Requirement: HVM PAS 68/IWA 14 Anti-Ram Raid solutions
Equipment Installed: 2no. IWA14 Terra 180 Swing Barrier, 20no. PAS 68 Static Terra Venus Bollards with cannon style heritage sleeves, 2no. PAS 68 Compact Terra Barriers
Services: Design, Manufacture, Logistics, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance
Completion Date: 2017

Installation of Frontier Pitts IWA 14 HVM Terra 180 Swing Barrier with matching HVM Static Bollards providing impact tested Anti-Ram protection to Spitalfields Market.

Bishops Square, Spitalfields, adjacent to the Old Spitalfields Market is located in the historic heart of East London, on a site that has had a market for over 350 years. Spitalfields offers an opportunity to experience this wonderfully authentic London area that is home to contemporary brands and innovative Street Food independents, all set against the backdrop of a world-famous City skyline.

With the City of London, Bishopsgate and Liverpool Street Station close by, Frontier Pitts were tasked to upgrade the perimeter security of the area with Hostile Vehicle Mitigation following an annual review of the Crowded Place estate by the local CTSA, the Estates Manager met with our High Security Technical Consultant during site assessments.
Spitalfields Square photographed in 1909

To protect the busy Crowded Place area with Hostile Vehicle Mitigation, whilst allowing pedestrians to walk freely and not interrupt the operation of the many businesses in the area. Any installation needed to blend in to the surrounding areas and encompass the Victorian characteristics that drive so many visitors to the popular tourist destination. The Underground Service Road also required HVM Entry and Exit Barriers which would be used by a range of vehicles including cycles.

Frontier Pitts complete solution will be the envy of Estate Managers and Councils across the UK faced with the same challenge to protect their facility against vehicle attack.

HVM Terra Swing Barriers
IWA 14 Terra 180 Swing Barrier
For the businesses and market traders some access for deliveries would be required through these bollards. Our Terra 180 Swing Barrier was the perfect solution. Matching the Terra Venus Bollards impact test rating under the new International IWA 14 specification, the Terra 180 Swing Barrier was manufactured and finished to match the heritage style.
The sleek, manually operated Barrier is the ideal solution for access points which need to be secured with occasional access, out of hours security, or remote locations with power supply restrictions.

Iwa 14 Terra Ultimate 180 Swing Barrier
The Terra 180 Swing Barrier has since been tested to the higher rating of 50mph, therefore producing the same solution with our Terra Jupiter Bollards.

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HVM Rising Arm Barriers

PAS 68 Compact Terra Barriers
Our PAS 68 Compact Terra Barriers were installed as entry and exit barriers to the Underground Service Road. Successfully impact tested to the British PAS 68 specification, the Compact Terra Barrier are designed to look like standard car park barriers but can stop a vehicle travelling at 30mph.
After a detailed Risk Assessment to determine the type of users that will be accessing the Service Road Barriers, safety lasers were added to the system to allow use by cyclists.

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Static HVM Terra Bollards
PAS 68 Static Terra Venus Bollards
To start our HVM Terra Venus Bollards protect the complex from any hostile vehicle attacks, whilst enhancing the external landscape of the Crowded Place market. The PAS 68 impact tested static bollards have successfully stopped a vehicle travelling at 30mph with zero penetration. To preserve the existing heritage design, the bollards were finished with black heritage Cannon style sleeves, blending in to the surroundings effortlessly whilst significantly increasing the security

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