Airport 180 Swing Barrier

Airport Terra 180 Swing Barrier

Sector: International Airport
Security Level: Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM), Anti-Ram
Requirement: HVM IWA 14 Anti-Ram Raid solutions
Equipment Installed: 1 no. Terra 180 Swing Barrier
Services: Design, Manufacture, Logistics, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance
Completion Date: 2015

Installation of Frontier Pitts IWA 14 HVM Terra 180 Swing Barrier providing impact tested Anti-Ram protection to a UK International Airport

Frontier Pitts IWA 14-1 Bi-directional, Lightweight, manual swing HVM Barrier is easy to install and easy to operate. Successfully impact tested to IWA-1 stopping a 7.2t vehicle travelling at 48kph (30mph). At the forefront of technology, the sleek, manually operated Terra 180° Swing Barrier is the ideal solution for access points which need to be secured with occasional access, out of hours security, or remote locations with power supply restrictions.

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