Civic Centre

Civic Centre

Sector: Local Authority
Security Level: Car Park Security at a Civic Centre
Requirement: Hinged Swing Gates
Equipment Installed: 1 no Pair of Automatic Hinged Swing Gates with perforated infill, 1 no. Pair of Manual Hinged Gate with perforated infill, 2 no. Security Height Road Blockers
Services: Consultancy, Design, Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance
Completion Date: 2013
Client: Contractor

Frontier Pitts Hinged Swing Gate & Road Blocker System at Brent Civic Centre, Wembley

The recent new build of Brent Civic Centre included the installation of Frontier Pitts Hinged Gates at the top and bottom of the ramp with a set of Road Blockers in between.The former Palace of Arts and Palace of Industry’ Site (opposite Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena) required a security system suitable for its surroundings, especially with an underground car park.

Both sets of Hinged Gates, one automatic and one manual, are opened by the security guard at the beginning of the day and closed at night, leaving general traffic control to the drop arm barriers. A road blocker system half way down the access ramp allows a security blockade to be deployed in emergency situations – before the hostile vehicle reaches the lower level. Frontier Pitts specialises in the manufacture, installation and commission of large automatic security gates, either sliding, hinged/swing or bi-folding. Due to the restrictions on run back, Hinged Gates were the ideal solution. Special perforated panels were specified for the vehicle gates to ensure they kept within the aesthestics of the building.

Upper Ramp Automatic Hinged Gates
The Automatic Hinged Gates on the upper ramp (above) are automated using Frontier Pitts Gate back actuator system. The small but powerful actuator unit powers smaller hinged gates (maximum gate aperture 5 metres) and have 100% duty rating. With an overall width of just over 9m to secure, a pair of Hinged Vehicle Gates were also specified with unequal gate leaves to follow the layout of the car park lanes. At Frontier Pitts, we highly recommend safety features are fitted to your automated gate to comply to safety standards and alleviate the dangers associated with automatic gates. Safety devices on this installation include audible alarms, flashing beacons, safety edges and photocells.

Road Blockers
The pair of Security Height Road Blockers operate in unison by push button controls that are also linked to the Hinged Vehicle Gates. With a lift height of 533mm, the two 3m blockers provide higher levels of security with built in stopping power and have 100% duty rating.As the Hinged Vehicle Gates remain open during working hours, the road blocker systems provides a rapid security response in a high alert situation.

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