Tyne Tunnel Automatic Barriers
Tyne Tunnel Automatic Barriers

Sector: Public
Security Level: Tunnel Traffic Control
Requirement: Automatic Barriers
Equipment Installed: 4 no Automatic Barriers model FB and 1 no. FBX Barrier
Services: Consultancy, Design, Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance
Completion Date: 2011
Client: Contractor

Frontier Pitts Automatic Barriers traffic control at Tyne Tunnel

Frontier Pitts installed Automatic Barriers to provide traffic control systems to Tyne Tunnel. The FB model of Automatic Barrier secured wide road widths of 7.4m, 8m, 8.4m and 8.9m with its rapid-action torque motor which provide 100% duty rating.

FB Automatic Barrier product page

Automatic Barrier with dual arm booms used at Tyne Tunnel
Frontier Pitts FBX Automatic Barrier with 5m booms were installed as a bi-parting pair system to provide a rapid-action automatic barrier system over a wider road width. These torque motor barriers are also 100% duty rating and designed for continuous, frequent use.

FBX Automatic Barrier product page

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