IWA 14 Terra Universal Bollard 7.2t @ 80kph in stock

IWA 14 – 7.2t @ 50mph
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Introducing the latest model of Terra Rising Bollard, which has been successfully impact tested to the new International IWA-14 specification, stopping a 7.2t vehicle travelling at 80kph (50mph).

The fully automatic, easy glide hydraulically driven Rising Bollard mechanism provides outstanding 360° Hostile Vehicle Mitigation protection from the threat of VBIED’s.

IWA14-1 Rising Bollards and Static Bollards are required to be installed at 1200mm between upright bollard faces to meet IWA14-2 guidelines.

Retractable Automatic Rising Terra Bollards have an industrial hydraulic pump drive unit. Designed for ease of installation and maintenance.

Push button control and Traffic Light System as standard.

  • Lifted Height: 1000mm
  • IWA 14 Tested dimensions: lift height 1000mm

IWA 14 Rising Terra Universal Bollard 7.2t@50mph Specifications


IWA 14 Rising Terra Universal Bollard 7.2t@50mph

    Basic Specs

  • IWA 14 Classification Code: V Rising Bollard V/7200[N2A]/80/90:6.3
  • Lift height: 1000mm
  • Interchangeable Sleeves
  • More details

  • S355 structural steel plate is a high-strength low-alloy European standard structural steel
  • Automatic Terra Bollard Finish: Polyester Powder Coated Painted finish as standard
  • Automatic Terra Bollard Safety: Safety-edges, Vehicle Detector Loops, Safety Photocells, LED Traffic light heads, Flashing beacon, Audible alarm
  • Normal Operating Speed/Time: 6-10 seconds, Depending on configuration
  • Duty Cycle: 100% duty rating
  • Controls: The programmable logic controller (PLC) with built in safety features will accept inputs from access control systems including access card, voice, etc. Push button as supplied as standard
  • Accreditations: Secured by Design, BRE Global

Civil Engineering

For more information please contact the Technical Sales Department on

01293 422800 or email:

[email protected]

Electrical Engineering

Industry standard electricals

Electrical Requirements 6amp, three phase, 5wire neutral, earth or 6amp, single phase, Depending on configuration

Specifications subject to change and are dependant on product options. Please contact Frontier Pitts to request more information.

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