Russian GOST R

Frontier Pitts Approved for Russian Market GOST R

Frontier Pitts are proud to announce our products have been approved for sale in the Russian market. The Certificate of Conformity ‘GOST R’ was issued in accordance with the regulations of the certification system, in order to confirm the quality and safety of our products.

Frontier Pitts are committed to providing the highest level quality of products and services to all of our customers, no matter where in the world their security needs may be.

The certificate of compliance is intended for the certification of goods produced either by Russian companies or shipped to Russia. A certificate of compliance is issued for either singular or a group of products.

With a growing customer portfolio across the world, Frontier Pitts have identified the potential growth within the Russian market for our range of perimeter security products. Our engineering expertise and ability to develop bespoke product designs attest to the need of bringing a quality British manufactured product to the developing market.

Frontier Pitts Certificate of conformity to GOST R (certificate of compliance)

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