Copper Rotor Turnstiles

Introducing Frontier Pitts full height Turnstile, now with copper plated rotors launched in the battle against the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Research from the University of Southampton shows how the virus can survive for days on glass and stainless steel but dies within hours after landing on copper. Copper, unlike other metals, seems to act as a disinfectant. Copper kills in other ways as well, according to the research. When a micro-organism lands on copper, ions blast the virus like an onslaught of missiles, preventing cell respiration and punching holes in the cell membrane accelerating the kill of the bacteria, especially on dry surfaces. Most importantly, the properties never wear off, even if the copper tarnishes.

People can catch the illness by touching contaminated surfaces and then touching their face, allowing the virus to enter their mouth or nose.

In the fight against the virus, Frontier Pitts has identified that the rotors on turnstiles will be touched by will be touched by users during operation and has therefore added copper coatings as an option to the turnstile finish.

For more information please visit our Full Height Turnstile model FPT1 Product Page!

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