Protect Duty

Protect Duty

Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill
Also known as the Protect Duty or Martyn’s Law.

Updated February 2024
Since the King Speech where HRH announced
“At a time when threats to national security are changing rapidly due to new technology, my Ministers will give the security and intelligence services the powers they need and will strengthen independent judicial oversight. Legislation will be introduced to protect public premises from terrorism in light of the Manchester Arena attack.”

The Standard Tier public consultation is now live and will run for the next six weeks. This is for the Standard tier only, namely public venues with a capacity of 100-799

The overall Government response:
Implementation of the law
The regulator


The Government recently published its response to the Protect Duty public consultation in 2021, seeking views from stakeholders on how the incoming legislation can make the public safer at Publicly Accessible Locations (PALS)

The Protect Duty, also known as ‘Martyn’s Law’, will be a new piece of anti-terrorism legislation, designed to ensure the public is better protected from a “multifaceted, diverse and continually evolving” terror threat. Currently a draft bill with legislation expected in Spring 2024, it follows a campaign from Figen Murray, the mother of Martyn Hett who sadly lost his life in the Manchester Arena terrorist attack in May 2017. Figen has highlighted the need to improve security standards in crowded public spaces and venues

“Measures to ensure that there is an appropriate and consistent approach to protective security and preparedness at public places.”

The Terrorism Bill will place a requirement on those responsible for certain venues to consider the threat from terrorism and implement appropriate and proportionate mitigation measures.

The legislation will ensure that people are prepared, ready to respond and know what to do in the event of an attack.

Better protection will be delivered through enhanced security systems, staff training, and clearer processes.

The legislation is part of the government’s response to the Manchester Arena Inquiry Volume 1 which recommended the introduction of legislation to improve the safety and security of public venues. Any Public Accessible Locations (PALs) such as entertainment stadiums and venues, sports arenas, shopping centres, retail outlets, sporting events, fairs, concert venues and other publicly accessible places and spaces, such as hospitals, hotels, colleges and university campuses.

Under the legislation, standard tier sites (those with a maximum capacity of 100 to 799) will need to complete the evaluation template to make sure they are better prepared to respond quickly to terrorist attacks and save lives.

The UK Home Office has published the draft template and guidance to help the public understand the intended format and content in support of the bill scrutiny process. It will advise you how to evaluate:

  • the threat in the context of your premises
  • PALS personnel access and engage with freely available counterterrorism advice and training
  • PALS to conduct a vulnerability assessment of their places, spaces and venues
  • PALS to have a mitigation plan for the risks created by the vulnerabilities
  • PALS to have a counter-terrorism plan
  • Local authorities to plan for the threat of terrorism

Please click here for more information from the UK Home Office

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