CEN CWA 16221:2010

CWA 16221 Terra Sliding Cantilevered Gate impact test

CWA 16221: 2010 Vehicle security barriers. Performance requirements, test methods and guidance on application

A European CEN workshop agreement that combines the detail from BSI PAS 68 and PAS 69. It provides guidance on test methods for determining vehicle security barrier performance classification and also includes a series of informative annexes that advise on appropriate product selection, installation and use.

CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) 16221 has been prepared to address the needs of organizations who wish to have assurance that vehicle security barriers (VSBs) will provide the level of impact resistance which is sought.
CWA 16221 identifies impact test methods, test vehicle type and performance criteria that need to be met in order to conform to it.
CWA 16221 also provides guidance on the selection, installation and use of VSBs to ensure that they are selected and placed as effectively as possible. This CWA is intended to be used by designers, planners, architects, security managers and facilities managers within the public and private sectors.
The guidance highlights the issues to be addressed when considering the use of traffic calming and VSBs as part of an overall security regime.
A VSB installation, particularly at a vehicle access control point (VACP), may need to be integrated
with CCTV, security lighting, perimeter intruder detection systems, automatic access control systems, physical delay measures and security procedures including guarding regimes. In order to achieve an integrated security solution it is imperative from the outset to define the performance requirements and interfaces between these systems. This is where security operational requirements add significant value to the installation and commissioning process and life-cycle management.

Please click here to view the BSi PAS 68 Anti Terra Range

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