BSi PAS 69 :2013

BSi PAS 69 :2013 – Guidelines for the specification and installation of vehicle security barriers

PAS 69 provides guidance on the selection, installation and use of vehicle security barriers to ensure that they are selected and placed as effectively as possible. PAS 69 intended to be used by designers, planners, architects, security managers and facilities managers within the public and private sectors.

PAS 69 complements BSi PAS 68, which describes methods for the classification of various barrier types in terms of their ability to resist dynamic impacts by vehicles.

PAS 69 highlights the issues to be addressed when considering the use of traffic calming and vehicle restraint systems as part of an overall security regime. The topics considered are by no means exhaustive, and the user is encouraged to consider additional questions and responses to cater for specific issues.

If changes are subsequently proposed for the security package that has been designed, decisions based on this PAS should be used to confirm why the original security decisions were made and how they will be affected by any changes. Decisions should be recorded and records retained for audit purposes and periodic review.

Vehicle security barriers, by virtue of their basic design, may not be intended to provide any blast resistance but may be affected by any explosives that detonate following the impact or arrest of a threat vehicle. Vehicle security barriers might increase the level of hazard created by an explosion. Specifiers should confirm whether this risk is acceptable.

Vehicle security barriers should not be considered in isolation but as part of an integrated security solution which may include, adjacent perimeter protection, CCTV, alarm monitoring and guard force activity.

Installation to BSi PAS 69
There must be a maximum distance of 1.2m between upright faces of IWA14 equipment at a minimum height of 600mm

BSi PAS 69 :2013

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