Neath Port Talbot Council Road blockers

Sector: Council & Local Authority
Security Level: Anti Ram
Requirement: Anti Ram Protection
Equipment Installed: 2 no. Security Height Roadblocker
Services: Design, Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning, on going Maintenance

Frontier Pitts Security Height Roadblocker provides Anti-Ram Traffic Control protection to a Local Council Authority

Neath Port Talbot Borough Council contacted Frontier Pitts to upgrade an existing road blocker and tag system. The existing system had been installed for over twenty years.

The Road Blockers are used to permit access for buses only, through an area where other vehicles have previously used the road as a bypass to avoid other traffic hotspots in the area.

The Tag System Technology has progressed greatly in the last twenty years, and the Council were keen to upgrade the system. The same system is also installed and has been in use at Swansea University since 2018. This was to ensure vehicles from both sites could use the same tags across both access control systems.

There was also an issue with vandalism in the area, so consideration had to be given to ensure the readers are installed appropriately, to avoid damage.

The Benefits

  • Vehicle can be detected at up to 10 metres
  • UHF vehicle tags are inexpensive and easy to fit to vehicles
  • Avoids the need for manned gates
  • Prevents unauthorised vehicle access
  • Using the same technology readers expanded the system enabling buses to access both sites

The Solution
Frontier Pitts worked with Nortech Controls who recommended the uPASS Target readers. The readers have a read range of 10 metres so they could be mounted on high access control posts, to solve the problem of vandalism.

Neath Port Talbot Council said:

“After twenty years of maintenance and support, our local traffic control system needed to be upgraded. We are pleased we could work with Frontier Pitts and Nortech Controls again with the new installation.”

Please click here for more information on the Security Height RoadBlocker

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