NHS Trust Automatic Barriers

NHS Trust Automatic Barriers
NHS Trust Automatic Barriers

Sector: NHS National Health Service
Security Level: Car Park Traffic Control
Requirement: Automatic Barriers
Equipment Installed: 3 no Automatic Barriers model FBX
Services: Consultancy, Design, Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance
Completion Date: 2014

Frontier Pitts Automatic Car Park FBX Barriers provide traffic control to the car park entrances of a NHS Trust.

Frontier Pitts have provided many NHS Trusts with perimeter security equipment. This particular installation included 3no. Automatic Barriers (model FBX) to secure the car park. With various boom lengths to secure the various road widths, Frontier Pitts FBX model of Automatic Barrier was the perfect solution. The Automatic Barriers torque motors have 100% duty rating, are instantly reversible and constantly energised, which provides security locking and protection against low temperatures and damp conditions. Intercom systems provided access control for the Trusts visitors, whilst card reader systems provided access control for the Trusts personnel. Safety autoclose vehicle induction loops installed within the ground provided safe closure of the barriers once a vehicle had passed through. Safety photocells provided extra safety in case pedestrians approached the automatic barrier. For added security magnetic locks were also installed on the end rest to meet the barrier boom when lowering.

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