Force Testing

As the Automatic Security Gate experts, Frontier Pitts will design, install and maintain a security gate system to suit individual site requirements and ensure that it meets the relevant safety standards. Once tested a CE mark will be applied.

The gate will be tested to measure closing/opening forces.
When they are opening and closing, the force of the gates should be limited to those in the British/European standards. The gates should also reverse if they hit someone or something.
The gates should have sensors, such as safety photocells or vehicle detector loops, that can stop the gate if someone has been detected.
If there are parts of the gates where someone could become trapped or get crushed while it is moving, these need be protected. People could get injured, for example, as the bars of the gates pass the gate post.
The gates must have an emergency release mechanism in case someone gets trapped.

The above is a brief summary of Force Testing. For more information, or if you have an existing automatic gate by others that you would like an expert to test, please contact Technical Sales on 01293 422800.

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