ISO 14001:2015

Frontier Pitts is accredited by ISOQAR to ISO 14001:2015 as part of our IMS (Integrated Management System)

The benefits our customers receive for using a company with an audited history for their Integrated Management System includes:

  • Ensure we are consistent in our marketplace and our customer always receives the best service
  • Our quality management system has been audited for the past twenty years to ensure it continues to meet our customer needs, and is updated.
  • Our working processes are maintained for efficiency, saving time, money and resources, whilst our operational performance is improved to cut errors and increase profits.
  • Regular meetings with personnel to motivate and engage staff create more efficient internal processes
  • More efficient internal processes + motivated staff = best customer service experience for our clients.
  • Frontier Pitts have been third party accredited by a range of different companies (BSi, BRE, NDA) to ensure that we will are compliant with our clients procedures.

What have we learnt?
Over the years of being an ISO 9001 company Frontier Pitts Ltd have learnt that the only way to continue to be a market leader and supply our customers with a high quality product is with a strong internal quality management system at the heart of a company.

After years of third party audits with organisations such as BSi, BRE, NDA PSSA and HPA scrutinising our procedures and processes, together with on going assessments by key customers, Frontier Pitts ingrained work ethic is ultimately founded and formulated on conformity regime of the British Standards, to ensure we provide our customers with a product and service that is replied upon and second to none.

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