PSSA Verified Accreditation

Terra Sliding Cantilevered Gate
Terra G8
Terra V Gate
Compact Terra Barrier
Terra Ultimate Barrier
Terra Surface Mount Blocker
Terra Shallow Blocker
Terra Blocker

Since the pilot Verification Scheme where the Terra V Gate was awarded the Accreditation, Frontier Pitts have been awarded a further 6 Verified Certificates for the IWA 14 Terra G8PAS 68 Terra Sliding Cantilevered Gate, PAS 68 Compact Terra Barrier, PAS 68 Terra Ultimate Barrier, PAS 68 Terra Surface Mount Blocker, PAS 68 Terra Shallow Blocker and the PAS 68 Terra Blocker.

On receiving the 6 Verified Award at the Counter Terror Expo 2013, Sally Osmond, Brand & Development Manager at Frontier Pitts commented "Frontier Pitts are proud to show an ongoing commitment to the PSSA Verification Scheme. We want to highlight the importance of the foundation to any company; standards, operating systems, technical specifications and drawings, to ensure that the same specification of equipment that is PAS 68 impact tested, is the same specification that is installed on sites, Protecting Your World for years to come".

PSSA is the Perimeter Security Suppliers Association. Frontier Pitts is a founder member of the trade associations.

Frontier Pitts Terra V Gate is accredited with PSSA Verified. 

The Perimeter Security Suppliers Association has introduced a verification scheme to provide confidence to clients of the perimeter security industry and ensure that the associations members conform to internationally recognised quality standards, providing assurance that:

  • products of fit for purpose - designed to meet customer, market and regulatory requirements.
  • products are consistently manufactured and supplied conforming to their agreed specification
  • products, when in use, produce the intended performance outcomes specified by the customer

For more information, please visit the PSSA website