Quality Management Policy

Frontier Pitts is committed to the provision of total Quality Assured goods and service to meet all customers specified needs and expectations, and all associated regulatory requirements. To ensure consistent performance to the specified requirements the Company is approved to the quality standard

BS EN ISO 9001: 2008. The Quality System and general organisation is described in the Quality Manual.

Detailed working instructions to Company employed personnel are contained in a separate series of Quality Control Procedures which are referred to in the Quality Policy Manual.

The Quality Programme laid down in the Quality Policy Manual and associated Quality Control Procedures has the full support of Management and it is a mandatory requirement that all personnel involved will comply with the defined policies, systems, and procedures. It is the responsibility of Company management, that all Company personnel thoroughly understand the Company's Quality Policy, and the requirements for implementation.

The processes which will be applied to the contract are defined in Quality manual.

The design and development process covers all aspects of meeting the contract specification. It ensures that all technical requirements of the contract are fulfilled and that all statutory and regulatory requirements are met.

The process control section covers all aspects of manufacture and installation. It ensures that the project is manufactured and installed to specification. It also ensures that the project is completed within the programme requirements of the client.

Resource management is demonstrated in the resource management flow chart. The Project Manager will be tasked with weekly reporting of the proposed and achieved project timetable and costs. This will ensure that the plans meet the requirements of the contract, and any deviation from the plan can be immediately identified and corrective action taken. This information will be freely available to the ODA.

The quality of the service delivery is excellent and Frontier Pitts, as the leading manufacturer rather than a security integrator, continually strive to achieve higher standards. All projects are reviewed upon completion to establish any improvements which can be made. A senior management representative visits all projects which involve design and installation elements to review that the contract requirements have been met and that the customer is satisfied. Key elements of this visit are fed back to the sales, design and operation teams to enable continual improvement of the service delivery.

On site performance of the equipment is monitored on a regular basis by senior management, to ensure that all equipment continues to function reliably and to specification after installation. Any issues identified during this monitoring process are investigated by the management team to drill down to the source. This ensures that appropriate corrective action is taken to eliminate the issue and to improve the process for the future.

Frontier Pitts Maintenance contract will also ensure that regularly planned preventative maintenance visits are carried out to maintain impact rating and quality of the equipment from completion of the works at each zone, continuing throughout the Games Period and the Legacy Period if required.