Exhibition Centre

Sector Crowded Places
Security Level HVM
Requirement Traffic Control with Anti Terrorist if required.
Equipment Installed 1 no Sliding Cantilevered Gate, 1 no. Bi-parting pair of Automatic Barriers model FB with lower folding skirts, finished with PAS 68 Static Terra Jupiter Bollards
Services Consultancy, Design, Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance
Completion Date 2013
Client Contractor

Frontier Pitts Crowded Places Traffic Control System

Achieving the right level of security at a 'Crowded Place' venue such as an exhibition centre can be challenging; the right level of security needs to be installed to mitigate the terrorist threat whilst ensuring the venue is functional and the public feel safe. With a portfolio of security equipment which covers a range of security levels, Frontier Pitts have the solution.

A layered approach was the answer to meet all the above objectives.

Once the client has decided what objectives need to be met and carried out a VSB (Vehicle Security Barrier) Scoping Document, Frontier Pitts can provide the solutions that meet both the customer’s security needs and operational requirements:-

Crowded Places - HVM Physical Security

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) was required to mitigate the terrorist threat on the public realm venue. 

Restrict Vehicles whilst allowing Pedestrians - Bollards

In most public realm 'Crowded Places' situations, security measures must be holistic and mitigate hostile vehicles whilst allowing pedestrians to move freely.

Traffic Control - Drop Arm Barriers

Automatic Barriers are the ideal solution at delivery points of public realm venues as they allow fast operating traffic control.

Out of Hours - Sliding Gates

When the venue is closed, Security Sliding Gates and 6 no HVM Rising Terra Bollards create the ultimate blockade at the access points.

The Solution

A layered approach was the answer to meet all the above objectives.

Crowded Places - HVM Physical Security

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) Retractable and Static Terra Bollards were installed to mitigate the terrorist threat on the public realm venue. Seven Rising Terra Bollards, installed with 1200mm gaps between upright faces to fulfil the BSi PAS 69:2013 specification, worked simultaneously. These retractable bollards create an HVM back up to the sliding gate when the site is closed.

When the venue is open and the Terra Bollards are lowered, the HVM system can be raised in seconds in the event of a terrorist strike.

Static Terra Jupiter Bollards completed the installation by protecting the security kiosk and runback of the sliding gate and exterior brick wall, ensuring the complete perimeter line is protected from the HVM threat.

Traffic Control - Drop Arm Barriers

Frontier Pitts Automatic Barriers provide traffic control to the delivery points on the venue. During working hours access delivery points at this type of venue are the hype of activity, especially on set up and breakdown of a show, so constant traffic control is required through the yard. Security is required to ensure general members of the public do not wander into site, however the barriers speed of operation is key to ensure the depots personnel are not delayed in their work.

The FB model of Automatic Barrier with its rapid-action torque motor provides security for a traffic control system, whilst the lower folding skirt on the system provides higher visibility for the HGV's accessing the site and deters pedestrians from ignoring the barrier. The barrier provides 100% duty rating - designed for continuous and frequent use. 

Out of Hours - Security Sliding Gates

Frontier Pitts Sliding Cantilevered Gate ensures complete security when the venue is closed. During working hours the sliding gate remains in the open position allowing the automatic barriers to fulfil their traffic control role. 

The Sliding Gate is 100% duty rated, designed for continuous use, and the only solutions to secure access apertures up to 10m wide.  

Crowded Places