Why Hinged Gates?

Frontier Pitts manufacture a large portfoilio of Security Hinged (Swing) Gates and Bi-folding Speed Gates. Whether the requirement is for a simple, manually operated hinged swing gate, only used a few times a day, or a completely automated bi-folding speed gate system used continuously, Frontier Pitts will design and manufacture a system to meet the sites exact needs. There are various options to consider when specifying your hinged gate:-

1. Which product range? IWA 14 & PAS 68 Impact Tested HVM Anti Terra Range Hinged Gates or
                                       Security Hinged/Swing Gates or
                                       Bi-folding Gates

2. Width of road that the gate needs to secure

3. Swing area of gate

4. How many times per day will the gate be operated?

5. Automatic or Manual?   

6. Hinged/Swing/Bi-fold Gate Safety

7. Style of fenceline & other accessory requirements

8. Conditions on site (weather, usage, etc)

Hinged/Swing Gates

Single Leaf Hinged Gates
Double Leaf Hinged Gates

Frontier Pitts Single Leaf Hinged Gates are available up to 10m.
Double Leaf Hinged Gates up to 20m.

Manual Hinged Swing Gates are available in standard widths of 4, 5, 6m, with heights of 2.4 and 3m

Frontier Pitts Bi-folding Speed Gates are available in widths up to 12m and heights up to 6m.

Bi-folding gates are available in various models including overhead track, bottom track or trackless. Operational options include electro-mechanical and hydraulic drive systems.

A range of actuators are available to automate the Hinged Gate and Bi-folding Gate leaves. Depending on the actuator, power is supplied from either a single or three phase supply.

The benefits of hinged & bi-folding gates are:

  •         Alternative to sliding gates if room for runback is not available.
  •         Ease of installation

Bi-folding Gates

Bi-folding Gates

IWA 14 & PAS 68 HVM Terra Hinged Gates

IWA 14 Terra 180 Hinged Gates
PAS 68 Terra V Gates