Why Barriers?

Automatic Barriers play an essential role in regulating and restricting the vehicle access and egress so their reliability is key. Barriers are often the visitors first contact with a company so appearance is also important. Whether the requirement is for a simple, low cost barrier for relatively low volume usage or a heavy-duty barrier for frequent operation, Frontier Pitts will supply a system designed to meet the sites exact needs. All barriers operate through a 90 degree movement. There are various options to consider when specifying your automatic barrier:-

1. Which product range? IWA 14 & PAS 68 Impact Tested HVM Anti Terra range

                                       Automatic Barriers or Manual Barriers (Means of Operation)

2. Width of road that requires barrier

3. Skirt, accessory and safety requirements

4. Conditions on site (weather, usage, etc)

Torque Motor Automatic Barrier models FBX and FB

FBX Automatic Barriers
FB Automatic Barriers with lower folding skirt

Our Automatic Barrier 'FBX' and 'FB' models operate using torque motors.

The benefits of torque motor barriers are:

  • Instantly reversible
  •         Motor constantly energised: for security locking & provides protection against low 
            temperatures & damp conditions.
  •         100% duty continuous rating

The FBX Barrier is available in boom lengths up to 6m.
The FB Barrier is available in boom lengths up to 9m.

Automatic Barriers up to 6 metres will generally operate an unlimited number of cycles per hour.

Automatic Barriers over 5 metres will give up to 120 operations per hour or unlimited operations with special controls. Single phase power supply required.

Hydraulically driven Automatic Barrier model HB

Our Automatic Barrier 'HB' model is hydraulically operated, features an exceptionally heavy-duty boom and is available in boom lengths up to 10m. Recommended for sites requiring a greater level of security. It is particularly suitable for unlimited duty cycles, closing off large entrances, especially on exposed sites where high wind conditions are experienced. Three phase power supply required. Option of single phase available.

IWA 14 & PAS 68 HVM Terra Barriers

Compact Terra Barrier
Terra Ultimate Barrier
Terra 180 Swing Barrier

Manually Operated Barriers

Garrison Manual Barrier
Wagonstopper Height Restrictor