Frontier Pitts manufacture a large portfolio of both Automatic Rising Bollards and Static Bollards

Automatic Rising Bollards include the 600mm lift height model. Learn More
Static Bollards
 - various models available. Learn More

PAS 68 Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) Planet range of Anti Terra Bollards include the Rising Terra Saturn Bollard, the Static Saturn Terra Bollard, Terra Jupiter Bollards, Shallow Depth Terra Venus Bollard, Terra Venus Bollards, Shallow Mount Terra Mars Bollards, Terra Mars Bollards, Shallow Mount Terra Neptune Bollard and the Terra Neptune Bollards. Removable options also available.Why Bollards?

Security Rising Bollards

The hydraulically driven Automatic Rising Bollard is the anti-ram security solution. Allows authorised vehicle access through a perimeter line of bollards whilst allowing pedestrian access.

Manual Bollards

The Static Bollard is a necessity for sites requiring anti-ram raid protection whilst allowing pedestrian access. Sites such as commercial shopping/leisure areas and garage forecourt applications.